Thursday, May 17, 2012

News Article: Times Daily

Dianne Bentley visits local schools to donate books
By Hannah Mask
Staff Writer
Alabama’s first lady Dianne Bentley stood in front of a colorful patchwork “quilt” made from paper squares decorated by Phil Campbell second-graders as she read to the elementary students Wednesday afternoon.
The students learned Bentley used to be in a quilting guild and welcomed her by creating their own masterpiece, Principal Jackie Ergle said.
Phil Campbell Elementary was Bentley’s last of four stops made to deliver books to tornado-ravaged schools. Scholastic Publishing Company donated the 500 books she divided between Phil Campbell and Hackleburg elementary schools, along with Plainview Elementary in Rainsville and Moody Elementary in Moody.
“We just appreciate that she chose our school,” Ergle said. “It’s something our children will never forget.”
This is Bentley’s second year serving as a Scholastic Reading Ambassador, and she said it was important to donate to schools that suffered after April 27, 2011’s tornadoes.
“Last year (when I was donating), the tornadoes had just struck, and many of the schools didn’t have anywhere to store books,” Bentley said. “This year we asked whether the torn schools could receive books ... and we found four that could.”
After Bentley finished reading Alabama author Faye Gibbons’ book “Night in the Barn,” children lined up to ask questions such as what it means to be the state’s first lady and whether the Bentleys own a dog.
One third-grader wondered what Gov. Robert Bentley does every day at work.
“Right now, he’s dealing with the Legislature, which is a governing body,” Bentley explained. “They have to work back and forth to get the laws just right, which is very hard, because there are a lot of people to please.”
Bentley visited Hackleburg Elementary School earlier this week.
“Gov. Bentley and his wife have been very supportive of our school, town and community since the EF5 tornado on April 27 (2011),” said Hackleburg Elementary Principal Joan Baker.
“It’s so meaningful for us to have love and support for our school and to have (Bentley) take time out of her busy day to read to our elementary students. It means the world to us to have the opportunity to meet her.”
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Scholastic Book Donation: Phil Campbell Elementary

Today, First Lady Dianne Bentley traveled to Phil Campbell Elementary to donate books for their school. Although minimal damage was done to the elementary school building, the lives of several students and a teacher were lost in the storm. The community is rebuilding and will forever remember what happened on April 27.

When Mrs. Bentley arrived, she was greeted by the faculty and staff standing under a hand-painted welcome sign. She visited with a first grade class then was ushered into the gym to greet all of the students. Behind the podium hung a quilt, pieced together by the school's second graders in recognition of heritage as well as the First Lady's own love for quilting. Mrs. Bentley spoke to the students, read a book, and then answered questions from the audience.

The First Lady is thankful for the hospitality she was shown and is grateful to towns like Phil Campbell who love and support one another no matter the circumstances.

Scholastic Book Donation: Hackleburg Elementary

First Lady Dianne Bentley visited Hackleburg Elementary to deliver more books from the Scholastic donation. Hackleburg was devastated by the tornadoes of last April and lost their school as well as 32 of their 33 businesses. The school is now housed in trailers connected by wooden pathways and tin roofs.
Thanks to the support of many across the state, they are able to conduct class as usual with a library, computer lab, and distributed school supplies to every student. The people are all grateful for the support and are encouraged by the generosity of Alabama.

Mrs. Bentley was happy to return to Hackleburg after a year to see the progress and plans to go back again next year as the rebuilding continues.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Scholastic Book Donation: Plainview Elementary

Scholastic donated another five hundred books to First Lady Dianne Bentley for distribution in the state of Alabama. Mrs. Bentley decided to divide these books to schools affected by the tornadoes of April 27, 2011, in an effort to support the continued recovery efforts.

Today was the first day of donation events and she traveled to Plainview Elementary in Rainsville, Alabama. While there she was greeted by the faculty, staff, and students. She had the opportunity to read to some of the top readers at the school as well as meet with individual classrooms. Mrs. Hall's second grade class asked great questions and ended their visit with Alabama's First Lady by each giving her a hug good-bye.

Mrs. Bentley was blessed by everyone she met and was encouraged by all that they had done to recover from the storm disaster. She hopes to return to the school next year to see the completed buildings and show her support to the area.

Monday, May 7, 2012

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prince Edward in Alabama

Governor and Mrs. Bentley had the honor of welcoming His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Edward, to the state of Alabama. There was an event over the weekend in his honor that also recognized the recipients of the Duke of Edinburgh award. A garden party started the day of celebration and a formal event at The Club in Birmingham followed.
Governor Bentley presented the prince with gifts from Alabama including one for Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, to celebrate her time on the throne.