Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scholastic Book Donation: George Hall Elementary

First Lady Dianne Bentley traveled to Mobile to donate books and tour George Hall Elementary today. She started her visit in the library that is decorated with murals to resemble a castle. The first class that gathered sat on a dragon rug and was from the pre-k class. Mrs. Bentley talked to them about being in school and then read two books with them. At the end, the class all told the First Lady "I love you," in sign language. She smiled and signed the same back to them.
The next class that came to the library consisted of first graders. These students were very curious and wanted to know about the Governor's Mansion. In turn, they shared some about their homes. Their behavior was quite impressive and they were all very respectful when Mrs. Bentley began to read.
Following her visit in the library, the First Lady toured the school. She was able to stop in and see other classrooms of students, up to fifth grade. Each room was filled with students that had an interest in reading. Mrs. Bentley said that she knew that passion was because of the teachers' and the faculty's dedication to education.
The First Lady feels inspired to share with other organizations about the work in schools like George Hall Elementary. If groups were looking for an outreach opportunity, they could sponsor a school. This would allow schools that had limited funding and parent support to provide their students the chance to go on field trips and be exposed to a world outside of their own.

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