Wednesday, October 26, 2011

University Place School

A teacher from University Place Elementary School in Tuscaloosa requested a visit from the First Lady, so last Friday Mrs. Bentley went. Since this was one of the schools destroyed in the April 27th tornadoes, she felt that it was important to go and encourage the students. Although their school had been moved into a new building, the school felt united. The teachers and students were all thankful to be together. The Principal shared about how they were affected, as well as how comforting it was to realize that all of the teachers and students were safe. Some had lost homes and family so the school became a home away from home.
The First Lady shared with the students and let them express their feelings about the storm. They were open and honest with their emotions. After their discussion, Mrs. Bentley read a story to them about family and sticking together. It will continue to be a journey toward recovery in all areas affected by the storms but it is important for all Alabamians to remain united.
After she left the library, Mrs. Bentley noticed a garden outside. This garden is planted by the students at the school and during the week, classes get to go check on the plants and learn about nutrition, growth, and hard work. After harvest, the school has a garden stand that allows people from the community to come and purchase what has been grown. This money goes back into the program for next year to fund continued learning.

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