Friday, November 18, 2011

Goat Hill Museum

A secret treasure in Montgomery that deserves recognition is the Goat Hill Gift Shop located in the bottom of the Captiol on the Union Street side. This shop houses work produced by Alabama artists, books about Alabama, and many other fascinating objects. The First Lady enjoys spending time browsing the shelves because each trip brings a new discovery. Right now, the Goat Hill Gift Shop is decorated for Christmas and can help anyone find that unique gift for the person who has everything. It is a hidden jewel that anyone in Montgomery should stop by to see.

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  1. Governor Bentley,

    I would like to ask that you revise the HB56 law. I've been fighting depression due to this law and as a single mother of a beautiful five year old would hate to move from Alabama because of this law which has put fear in my life. I'm a first generation Mexican-American and cannot sleep at's 1:27am. It has put fear in the Hispanic community...including those that are here legally like myself. Even though I used to pride myself in being from Alabama I can't and will not continue to live here if we continue to be a mockery to the world. This law really has effected, not only those that are here illegally, but those that have worked since they were 15 years old paying taxes to AL to only be put in an "outcast" group and fearful situation. There's not a day that goes by that I feel ashamed and fearful of what people think when they glance over at me and look at my skin color and hair color and give me a "cold shoulder" because of this new law. I ask that you please not only open up your law book, but your bible when revising the law.

    Also, here's a petition I've started...
    Will try and hand deliver when it's done.

    Also, for your marketing had an event recently with a picture of a white hand shacking a black hand...It had nothing to do with the fact that segregation was over with, might I add. It was some kind of new business meeting. Anyways, why do we have to remind everyone that white people can shake hands with black people? AL seems stuck in time...can we forget about what happened in the past? A female hand shaking a male hand might of been more appropriate :)

    God Bless,