Thursday, January 19, 2012


Last week, First Lady Dianne Bentley traveled to Greenville to speak to the Rotary Club and tour some of their education facilities. Her first stop was the Board of Education. Inside are two programs that promote early learning and education. The ages of the children range from a few months to a few years and teachers implement various classroom techniques to prepare the children for school. The First Lady was able to read to the pre-k children that day and commented about the honesty of that age. She said that it is one of her favorite groups to read to because they will let you know what they are really thinking.

After her visit, she traveled to Beeland Park for the Rotary meeting. She had a warm welcome from all the members and enjoyed lunch. She spoke about reading and education. During her speech, she shared statistics important to their community and urged them to stay involved in the lives of the community children.

The First Lady enjoys visiting the communities of Alabama and hopes to continue to do so while she serves the people of our state.

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