Thursday, March 22, 2012

Octavia Spencer Day

Yesterday, March 21, 2012, was proclaimed Octavia Spencer Day in Alabama. This was done to honor a beloved actress and an inspiring role model who calls Alabama home.

Octavia Spencer was born in Montgomery, Alabama and is the sixth of seven children. She graduated from Jefferson Davis High School then continued her education at Auburn University. She is most well known for her role in the movie The Help, when she played the part of an outspoken maid named Minny. She received an Academy Award for this film and in her acceptance speech, thanked the people of Alabama.

Her humble heart and gracious attitude impressed everyone she came in contact with as she assured members of the Alabama legislature that her home would always be in Alabama, no matter where she laid her head at night. She also encouraged them to pass a film incentives bill that would encourage productions to be filmed in Alabama. This would not only generate revenue for the state, but it would also promote tourism.

The Governor and First Lady were honored to meet and share time with such a talented actress. They even shared a few laughs and rivalry (Alabama vs Auburn) jokes with one another. "We are so grateful for the time Octavia spent with us. She was such a delightful person that we hope to have back home soon, maybe starring in a film produced in Alabama," said Mrs. Bentley.

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