Friday, November 9, 2012

Safe American Plan

As you know, a number of east coast states recently had their citizens and property devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, as they continue to deal with the aftermath of this horrific hurricane, matched only by Katrina in the enormity of death and destruction it has left in its path.
Safe America’s ‘Text First. Talk Second’™ is good for everyone to know so that they can reach out to loved ones in situations like these. However, the basic premise of everyone needing to be their own first responder is the most important lesson that is unfortunately being played out in several coastal areas right now.
With the information from the National Weather Service, we often have at least some warning of what is coming our way. Given this, it would be beneficial to learn from Hurricane Sandy the importance of getting information from resources like and and taking a few moments to check out the lists of items to have on hand for situations like weather emergencies.
Safe America is currently conducting its March to 2 Million Program that has the goal of having 2 million people pledge to drill by the end of the year, with monthly increments being counted. To pledge only takes a few moments of filling out your information including the type of drill (texting, evacuation, shelter in place) at
For those of us in Alabama, we experienced our own disaster last April. I encourage everyone to get a plan together and know what you will do if an emergency situation arises.
Be safe!

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