Monday, October 28, 2013

FLDB talks to Alabama women's groups

The First Lady considers it an honor to share her heart with the women of Alabama and was grateful to have the opportunities to speak to the Woman's Club of Gadsden and the Pike County Republican Women

While in Gadsden, she spoke about the importance of letting God take the lead in our lives.  When her husband decided to run for Governor, she knew her life would become drastically different.  However, when the Lord calls you to step up into a leadership position "at such a time as this," you must answer to it.  She continued talking about the peace God gave the first family and the amazing things that happened in their lives once they allowed him to have control. 

The Pike County Republican Women hosted a large event where the First Lady spoke about her faith and agenda items.  After discussing what she has done for domestic violence prevention, adoption and childhood literacy, she talked about her number one agenda item: taking care of our Governor.  Whether she is helping him find what he needs throughout the Mansion or making sure his health and well being are protected, she is his caretaker, confidant, and constant. 

Thank you Woman's Club of Gadsden and Pike County Republican Women for your hospitality to the First Lady and her staff!

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