Wednesday, November 20, 2013

65th Annual Turkey Pardoning

One of our favorite occasions of the year happened today on the lawn of the Governor's Mansion: the 65th Annual Turkey Pardoning.  Each year, Bates Turkey Farm brings Alabama's favorite turkey couple, Clyde and Henrietta, to be pardoned from our plates by the governor.  Kindergarteners from Riverchase Day School sang fun songs celebrating Thanksgiving as the turkeys wobbled and gobbled in front of them.  Needless to say it was a fun day at the Mansion, and Clyde and Henrietta are once again relieved to be pardoned!

This year's pardoning was much different than the others due to the recent passing of Bill Bates.  Sixty-five years ago Mr. Bates and his family began the tradition with Gov. Jim Folsom.  As the sun shined down on the Mansion grounds, we all knew Mr. Bates was with us and remembered him for his service to our state and country. 

Over the past few weeks, the First Lady has been collecting blankets for the Blankets with a Blessing drive.  Though receiving a blanket may seem like a small gesture, it means love, hope and a new beginning for those who have suffered through domestic violence.  The First Lady will shortly donate the blankets to a shelter that houses victims who have been displaced from their homes with everything lost.  Mrs. Bentley is grateful for those who donated blankets thus far, for it is her goal that every Alabamian feels love and support during Thanksgiving. 

Thank you to the Bates family, Riverchase Day School and everyone who participated in one of our favorite traditions at the Governor's Mansion!


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