Friday, December 13, 2013

To the people of the great state, Alabama:

It is my hope and prayer that during my time as First Lady, people feel loved and heard. The more time I spend learning about my home state and the more opportunities I have to meet our people, the more honored I feel to serve. We have rich traditions, beautiful landscapes, and our people have hearts of gold. Although my chosen platforms focus on three major areas, I feel they are widely encompassing. I work with women to help promote healthy marriages and families and fight to end domestic violence in our state. Whether its through visiting domestic violence shelters, handing out blankets, donating old devices to Verizon's HopeLine program, or standing in silence at vigils, I want to stand strong and stand for healing in our homes. I support children and their adoption through foster care because to me, everyone should have a family and a forever home. Every person in Alabama deserves someone to remember their birthdays, to celebrate Christmas, and to encourage them through life's journey. We all need support and love. I also promote literacy and education through a variety of national programs. Reading is fundamental and in order for our state to continue its success, we must have the students in our classrooms today, prepared for higher education and/or the workplace tomorrow.

I will be adding another facet to my agenda by spending time promoting Alabama. It is something I have always done but it is something that merits more attention. It is important to me that people recognize Alabama for the treasure it is and spend time exploring our hidden gems. I want to let everyone know about the adventure they can find in their backyards, the delicious food made close to home, and the talent of our people. Who knows, I may make a trip to your town, park, or local eatery!

Really to me, my job as First Lady is to take care of our people and show everyone why we are all proud to call Alabama home. Join me as I continue to promote domestic violence awareness, adoption through foster care, literacy, and Alabama. As 2013 winds down to a close, make your New Year's resolution to join me in support of at least one of these causes. It is easy to get involved and it is so rewarding.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season and an exciting New Year!

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