Monday, June 27, 2011

Reading on Wheels

Today, the First Lady joined in with the Montgomery Education Foundation to promote "Reading on Wheels." This program is in place to encourage summer reading and literacy. The children that participate are able to check out books from the traveling book mobile as well as take AR tests to show their level of comprehension. This will help increase reading levels and keep minds active while students are not in school.

Mrs. Bentley selected the book, Emma Jo's Song, that is written by an Alabama author named Faye Gibbons. She selected this book because it is light hearted and funny but also because she loves to promote the people of the state. In the book, Emma Jo is asked to sing to her family at a reunion. She starts off her song a little weak but with encouragement and the howls of her family dog, her confidence builds. At the end her entire family joined in with her to sing. Like the ending of this book, Mrs. Bentley led the children of the Billy Thames Boys and Girls Club in the song "The Little Light of Mine."

Mrs. Bentley hopes to continue meeting with young people across Alabama to promote reading and education. She knows that these children are the future and from what she has seen there is so much potential in each and every life.

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