Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Mind: The April 27 Tragedy

The tornadoes of April 27, 2010 devastated the state of Alabama. As First Lady Dianne Bentley sat watching the news, she watched the great winds tear apart the state. Her home, Tuscaloosa, where her husband's Dermatology practice was started and where her children were raised was being hit. After the disaster struck, it was chaos trying to reach her family and friends. Not only did it affect her home but it also destroyed many other cities and towns.

Some of her friends were left without homes; everyone she knew was without power. Some they were not even able to find. Questions filled the minds of everyone but everyone knew they had to do something.

The following day, people began to explore and evaluate the situation. People from around Alabama and around the nation joined together to help. Neighbors were helping neighbors, and strangers were helping strangers. Needs were being met.

From that day and still today help is coming. People mourn their losses but find hope. They are not letting this event crush them instead they see opportunity. These towns, cities, families, are all committed to coming back stronger and even better than before.

Alabama is a great state, full of wonderful people. It is not a perfect place but it comes close. It is an honor to call it home. Progress has been made to recover from these storms but help is still needed. Recovery is a process.

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