Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July for First Lady Dianne Bentley is not only a time to celebrate our nation's independence and freedom, but also a time to celebrate with family.

One of her favorite memories from childhood is of her grandmother's birthday. Not only was her grandmother an important figure in her life, but her birthday was on July 4th. Each year all of the family would gather together in her honor. Mrs. Bentley is the oldest of six children and eighteen cousins, so there was always a large crowd there. They would sit around to visit, play, swap stories, and eat. At day's end, they would sit together and watch the beautiful fireworks display explode into the night sky. For a while, the First Lady thought everyone was gathered, around the nation, to celebrate her grandmother.

Today the tradition continues. The Governor and Mrs. Bentley gather each year to celebrate our nation with family and close friends. However they also celebrate the birth of one of their five granddaughters. Their oldest son and wife had a beautiful little girl eight years ago on the fourth of July. This day will always be special in the heart and mind of Alabama's First Lady.

Wishing everyone and safe and joyful holiday. May God bless our nation and may God bless our wonderful state, Alabama.

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