Thursday, July 28, 2011


First Lady Dianne Bentley spent some time on the beaches of Gulf Shores this week. She is happy that the beaches have recovered so well and that tourists are still coming to Alabama to enjoy the white sand and blue water.

While there, she came across a dedicated group working to ensure the safety of sea turtles. These turtles had been buried in the sand to allow time to grow but with the heat, there was a concern that they would not make it to the ocean. To ensure that they could safely make it, many hot hours were spent covering the turtles and laying tarps to direct their path. In the evening, these turtles started their journey to the ocean. If one crawled in the wrong direction, members of this team would direct them back using a flashlight. In the end, all of the turtles made it. Onlookers watched and wished for their safety as they press on in a new direction for their lives.

First Lady Dianne Bentley enjoyed watching and learning about this project and is thankful for the work of all people involved.

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