Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Childhood Memory

When Dianne Bentley was in fifth grade, her father's job transferred her family to California. She was a very shy young girl and was faced with the task of learning a new place and a new culture. She was not sure how long they would stay but wanted to make friends while she was there.The students at school were fascinated by her accent. They were curious about her and how different her life had been compared to theirs. Sometimes they would call her at night and simply say "talk." It would make her cry and she would feel so embarrassed. It was not that she was ashamed, she just did not want to stick out.
When she returned to Montgomery the following year, her grandmother told her she had lost her accent. She could not understand why or how it had happened so quickly. Mrs. Bentley assumes that it must have been a subconscious effort to try and blend in with the students around her.

Today her southern accent is present in her motherly voice. She is proud of her home and the people that live here. Alabama is full of wonderful people, places, and opportunities for all. She is happy to embrace the southern culture.

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