Thursday, May 9, 2013

Collins-Rhodes Elementary School

First Lady Dianne Bentley selected Collins-Rhodes Elementary as one of the five Alabama schools to receive a donation of Scholastic books. She was extremely impressed by the principal and the way she leads the school. Everything was well organized, efficient, and pleasant.

Mrs. Bentley had the opportunity to read to some Pre-K students when she first arrived. They read about missing cookies and helped figure out who had taken them from the jar. Each student listened closely and interacted with the First Lady at every page turn.

After, she took a school tour, during which the principal detailed ways they engage students and encourage the learning process. Mrs. Bentley also got to speak to a few fourth grade classrooms since they study Alabama history as a part of their curriculum.

Mrs. Bentley was very positive about her visit and wishes this school continued success and growth.

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