Thursday, May 9, 2013

Scholastic Book Donation: Odenville Elementary School

First Lady Dianne Bentley just returned from her trip to Odenville Elementary where she donated the last Scholastic books of this school year. She was greeted at the front door by the principal, the librarian, and the school's DARE officer. They were so enthusiastic and immediately began to show her around the school. As she toured she walked in and out of many of the classrooms meeting the students and their teachers.

The last class she visited was Mrs. Herron's second grade. While there she spoke with students, read them a book, answered questions, and even signed a few autographs. Following the class visit, she was escorted to the library by Will K. with his classmates close behind.

Mrs. Bentley is thankful for the time everyone spent with her today, and for the kindness she was shown. Odenville Elementary made her visit special!

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