Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gadsden Woman's Club

Yesterday First Lady Dianne Bentley traveled to Gadsden to speak to their Woman's Club over lunch. She was featured in an article by the Gadsden Times which can be seen below.
Thank you to the Woman's Club for hosting the First Lady of Alabama and thank you for your generosity and kindness during her time there.

Alabama's First Lady Speaks in Gadsden
by: Lisa Rogers, Staff Writer

Dianne Bentley said she was encouraged by the outpouring of support she saw across the state less than 100 days after her husband became governor of Alabama and she became the first lady.
On April 27, the state was hit by devastating tornadoes, and Bentley found herself at her husband’s side as they crossed the state, seeing the damage with their own eyes.
“We were blessed with the stories of survival,” Bentley said when she spoke Tuesday at the Gadsden Woman’s Club luncheon.
“In every town, every day, every person brought new stories, and we cried with them,” she said.
She said the storms could have crushed everyone’s spirit, but said God prevailed.
“God conquers all,” she said. “We can’t dwell on the negative when we’re blessed.”
Bentley chose to promote volunteerism across the state as one of her roles as first lady. However, she said after seeing all the volunteers across the state after the tornadoes, she knew she would not have a lot of work to do on that project.
“After I saw all the great work from so many volunteers, I was so proud of Alabama,” she said.
“I saw everyone helping before government help arrived.”
She said when President Barack Obama visited Alabama, he expressed similar sentiments.
“He said, ‘Alabama will take care of itself,’” she said.
She said as she has been at her husband’s side, she tries to do the things he can’t do.
“I believe he called us for this,” she said. “No matter where the future leads, I’m with my husband to make a stronger Alabama. I want to thank everyone for electing my husband as governor as we continue to lead Alabama."

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