Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweet Surprise

First Lady Dianne Bentley received a surprise in the mail yesterday from an Alabama author. Faye Gibbons, the author of Emma Jo's Song, found out that Mrs. Bentley had been sharing her book with children around the state. She thoughtfully packaged two more of her books and shipped them to Montgomery. These books are Night in the Barn and Mountain Wedding.

As soon as the First Lady reached her living room, she took a break to read the stories. She was like a child again, anxious to learn about the characters, their lives, and their adventures. Since the books are similar to the way Governor Bentley was raised, she can really relate to them. The first book she intends to share with children is Night in the Barn because she likes that can be a little scary. She said that it will allow her to have a little fun with her audience.

One of Mrs. Bentley's favorite jobs as First Lady is reading to children. They are honest, ask interesting questions, and just enjoy spending time with her. She is looking forward to meeting students across the state and will continue to promote Alabama authors like Faye Gibbons.

A special thanks to Faye Gibbons for beautiful stories that are full of imagination.

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