Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scholastic Book Donation: Huxford Elementary

Last week, First Lady Dianne Bentley traveled to Huxford, Alabama for her last scholastic book donation. She was greeted by the principal and students leaders in the front office as she waited for students to assemble into the auditorium. These students told her about life in Huxford and shared their favorite things about school.

At the start of the assembly Mrs. Bentley spoke about reading and answered questions from students. One boy asked if the Governor's Mansion had a hot tub, this just got the First Lady laughing but she soon replied no. She also participated in a school competition. They had voted on if she was an Alabama fan or Auburn fan and had two rocking chairs at the front of the room for her to choose from. The First Lady had them cheering as she chose to sit in the Alabama chair, although she told everyone that she and the Governor represented them all. Then she read a story.

At the end, the school gave her a standing ovation and welcomed her back anytime. She also was able to see their library which is made from a converted FEMA trailer. It is always encouraging to see a school maximize its resources and the First Lady hopes to make another trip back to Huxford in the future.

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