Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Retirement of Corporal Cynthia Hardy

Today First Lady Dianne Bentley attended the retirement of Corporal Cynthia Hardy. Corporal Hardy, better know to the First Lady as Cynthia served the state of Alabama for twenty five years as a state trooper. Her service on the road and in her role as Dignitary Protection for the First Lady will never be forgotten.

In order to keep the mood light, Mrs. Bentley shared some funny memories and personal stories with the crowd. If you do not know Cynthia personally, they will not mean as much but for the many of you that do, please join the First Lady in wishing Corporal Cynthia Hardy a happy retirement.

David Letterman’s Top Ten Reasons we are going to miss
Corporal Cynthia Hardy better known to us as the “Blue Light Special.”

10. I will miss her fashion statement vest. It was months before I learned she wore that
 to cover her weapon.

9. Who will take us to the best, good, local, Mexican restaurants? OOPS- forgot I
cannot go to those anymore anyway.

8. Who is going to give me advance notice that Dillard’s is having its
 70% off sale?

7. Who will give Heather lessons on how to buy “chocolate ice cream” at
the Exxon?

6. I will miss all of her “kin” folks in Montgomery. We never went anywhere
that she did not know someone she was related to.

5. That special laminated parking pass that she put in the wind shield that
allowed us to park any place.

4. Who is going to lead my singing of “This Little Light of Mine” when I go to
 the schools to read.

3. I cannot find that secret source of ribs and hamburgers that are
in the areas that I am not allowed to go.

2. She can get to Tuscaloosa in one hour and thirty minutes instead of the
 two that it takes me.

1. Who is going to direct all those people who need directions at Dillard’s
 and Wal-Mart?

BONUS: personally from the First Lady...

We will miss her SMILE!

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